NEWSLETTER - July 1998

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New Modems Installed
Updated Helpdesk Pages
Virtual Domains
Annual Meeting

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New Modems Installed
New modems were installed in June, bringing the total number of lines to 192. The new modems are K56Flex modems, which will be upgraded to the new standard as soon as reliable software is available from our manufacturer. Remember, this doesn't guarantee you a 56k connection! Many other factors are involved, including the quality of the phone lines and the weather.

Updated Helpdesk Pages
We're in the process of updating the Helpdesk pages. This includes a little reorganizing, and the addition of new content as time permits. We'll be continually adding new information as it is developed, so check back often.

RollaNet members, you can help improve our Helpdesk pages! As a community information network, sharing and helping each other is what RollaNet is all about. We'd like to start a "member-to-member" page on our Helpdesk where you can have your tips for other RollaNet members posted.

The kind of tips we're looking for should be specifically helpful to RollaNet members, such as solving a problem you've had with connecting, or using some of the most common online software programs such as Netscape or Internet Explorer browsers and email programs. First, take a look at our reorganized Helpdesk. Then email your tip to us. We'll decide whether or not to post your tip, and if we do, we'll give you credit. Together we can make RollaNet the community information network it was meant to be!

Virtual Domains
RollaNet now offers domain name hosting. The cost is $240 a year, paid at the time you request the service. To apply for your own domain name you must: 1) Have a Rollanet userid and create a web presence. 2) Obtain an Internet domain name from InterNic. 3) Contact RollaNet via email to with your domain name and your Rollanet userid. Additional information can be found at

Annual Meeting
We're going to try to have our first annual meeting for RollaNet members in a few months, possibly in September. Weather permitting, it may be picnic style. We're planning a short business session, followed by some fun things such as (possibly) food and prize giveaways. We may need some volunteers to help us out at the meeting, if you think you can help out email We'll announce the date of the meeting as soon as it's finalized.

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