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I am frequently disconnected unexpectedly. Why is this happening?

There are a number of things that can cause disconnects. Here is a brief list of some of the more common reasons:

1) There is a 20-minute inactivity timeout on the RollaNet dialups. If nothing is sent between your modem and RollaNet for twenty minutes then the Rollanet modem hangs up. You will receive no warning before this happens - it will just disconnect. This timer also will only disconnect you if your modem connection is inactive.

2) Your dialer may have an inactivity timeout. If it does this is independent of the RollaNet inactivity timeout. Some dialers will disconnect you even if you are not inactive. If you receive a message in a popup window informing you that the connection is about to be disconnected - then this is caused by your dialer software.

3) The phone number you are dialing to connect is important. The email only number 341-6247 has a 10 minute connect limit and it is only for checking your email. If you try and use it to surf the web you will not have much luck. Also, if you are connected to the email only line while typing your email you will probably be disconnected before you finish typing it. This is by design. You should not stay connected to the email only lines while typing or reading email. Also, preferred accounts dialing in to 341-6052 have a 4 hour connect limit, and public accounts dialing in to 341-6580 have a 1 hour connect limit, after which you may redial. The daily connect limit is 10 hours.

4) A problem with the phone lines including (but not limited to) the following: Noise on the line that causes a disconnect (generally caused by faulty wiring or equipment between your house and the telephone company). Call waiting - you receive an incoming call and you have call waiting and have not disabled it with *70 (the call waiting signal will almost always disconnect modems). Someone picking up a different extension in the house on the same line. Bad weather (including rain, snow, wind, lightning).

5)There may be a problem with your computer setup (a common problem is having the mouse and modem on the same IRQ)

If your disconnects ALWAYS happen at the same time interval then it is more likely that one of the inactivity timeouts is hanging up on you. If the disconnects happen randomly then it is more likely one of the other problems listed that is getting you.

If, when you use the same phone line for a voice call, you hear a lot of static (or other interference) on the line on a regular basis then your problem is most likely the phone line - you should report this to the phone company and try and get them to check the outside wiring. If they tell you the outside wiring is okay then it could be a problem with the inside wiring. It should not cost you anything for the phone company to check your outside wiring.

If you would like assistance from RollaNet in diagnosing the problem please email the Helpdesk and provide us with the following information: Frequency of disconnects and time of day. Are you using Infolink? What is the brand and speed of your modem? What operating system and software is used for calling RollaNet? Do you have call waiting on the line the computer uses? If so do you have your computer setup to dial *70, before calling Rollanet? Do you hear any static on the line when using the line for a voice call? Do you connect to any place else with your modem? If so can you maintain a connection longer than you do with RollaNet?

Disconnect problems are frustrating and difficult to diagnose. We hope that the information provided here helps you to find your problem.

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