NEWSLETTER - March 1998

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New Content for Teens
Announcing the addition of a new teen page ( with something for everybody! One of our volunteers, along with assistance from three teens on RollaNet, has been very busy creating a new area on RollaNet that has links to teen-related information, teen chat, a discussion board, etc. And, the teen page also hosts a new "Send a Postcard" service with Rolla Area graphics which everyone can use.

WebPOP Enhancements
Another of our volunteers has been working on a new interface to the web-based email reader currently known and available as WebPOP. This interface allows RollaNet members to check their email from any computer that has Internet access and a web browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer. In addition, members can now send email through the same web-based service. This support was added to increase the usability of the WebPOP software at RollaNet's Public Access Stations (PAS), reaffirming RollaNet's goals to provide quality public Internet access for the Greater Rolla Area and to build a community information service.

The new web-based email software can be reached directly at the URL Alternatively, it can be reached by selecting the Utilities icon on the RollaNet Homepage ( and then selecting the WebPOP option on the screen provided.

Future enhancements to WebPOP may include a facility for handling email attachments. However, there is no firm plan to offer this service, nor is there any timeline offered as to the availability of said service.

Please direct questions about the use of the WebPOP facility to

Public Access Stations
Visit our new PAS web page for up-to-date information on public access stations, including addresses and links to street maps showing their locations. To make a suggestion for a new location email

The Rolla Public Library is now hosting a second Public Access Station. The library has donated the space for the station, RollaNet donated the equipment, and PC Technologies is providing support. The new station is a Pentium 233w/MMX, a 56K modem, and a color printer.

The old computer previously located at the Meramec Regional Planning Commission has been taken out of service and replaced with new equipment. Many thanks to MRPC for hosting the station, which has the same equipment as the library, also donated by RollaNet. PC Technologies is providing support.

Other Public Access Stations are located at the Holloway House and the Salem Treatment Center. Service and support for these machines is provided by DPF Consulting. This brings the total number of Public Access Stations to 5.

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