Start-Up Plan - Phases


The start-up period targeted by RollaNet is roughly 2 years in length, ending December 1996. By that time, RollaNet will either be a viable community service provider or will be dissolved.

The start-up period has been roughly defined to consist of 3 phases: Phase 0 - the Pilot Phase; Phase 1 - the Initiation Phase; Phase 2 - Expansion Phase. By the end of Phase 2, RollaNet should be a sustainable service organization.

Planning for each phase is stated in further detail for the following areas:

System Planning --------- Services ---------- Funding

Phase 0 - Pilot Phase

Approximately 3-6 months duration. No general user access. Intense testing and development of pilot applications will occur during this phase. No-cost/low-cost options are sought for use during this phase. Goal of phase is to determine system requirement projections, and produce a demonstration service to use in obtaining community support. User agreements and guidelines established.

Phase 1 - Initiation Phase

Approximately 3-6 months duration. Bring on charter members and some general users. Begin training and education services. Control growth. Concentrate on building quality online information and services. Obtain funding sufficient to meet demand for Phase 2 and beyond.

Phase 2 - Expansion Phase

Approximately 12-18 months duration. Expand user base, information base and access capacity. Locate public access stations in public facilities.