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Review Committee
provide quality standards and guidelines, review complaints and suggestions and make recommendations to Board of Directors, protect and prevent liability of RollaNet and its members, make recommendations to Board for contracts, policies and agreements with users and organizational members.
Chair: Randy Carnahan

Info Scouts
recruit and coordinate information providers and information, maintain quality area information online, surf the net and categorize references to other sources of quality information
Chair: Ben Strehlman and Steve Skelton

Marketing/Public Relations
develop and maintain marketing plan, maintain community relations, interface with media (press releases, advertising), protect the public image of RollaNet, provide review committee with marketing materials.
Chair: Dan Seifert

budgeting, solicit external funding, propose membership funding structure, write proposals and applications for grants, private donations, in-kind gifts, etc.
Chair: Mike McKean,

User Services
create userids/passwords, provide technical assistance to end-users via email (, via telephone, and in person, coordinate community training sessions, and write appropriate end-user instructional documentation, assist clients with installation and configuration.
Chair: Meg Brady

Systems Programming Support
hardware, OS, software, telecommunications, database, application programming, etc. for servers and clients, provide internal technical support for other working groups of RollaNet.
Chair: Dan Uetrecht

point of contact and information provider for community factions such as libraries, schools, churches, businesses, city and county government, medical and legal service providers, and so on.
No chair. Jerry Joiner, RTI; Cheryl Goltz, Rolla Public Library; Janet McKean, UMR Library; Steve Laub, Rolla Public Schools.

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