Below are condolences RollaNet has received concerning the recent Carnahan tragedy:

We appreciate your expression of sympathy.

Bob and Oma Carnahan

I would like to send my deepest sympathy to the Carnahan and Sifford families. I know the Carnahan's family through church. They have been very kind to me, and it shall never be forgotten. I am very sorry that this tragedy happened. My prayers are with the families.

Rita Cotton

I have not lived here very long and will be leaving soon; as we are a military family. But we have enjoyed living in the state of Mo. I was sadden to hear about the Gov. and his son and friend. I am of the opposite political party but feel a great sadness for family and friends of these people. I just wanted to say our prayers are with you and their families. You are right about one thing the good they have done will live on long after they have been gone. Through people like you and lives they have touched. I once was told by a kind friend who I wanted to thank for her kindness, to pass it on. That was all the thanks she needed. That is a awesome thought. May God keep you in this time.

Deb Busch

I'm sitting here at the computer with tears streaming down my face for the personal loss of a couple of the nicest human beings I have ever known.

Ray and I moved to Rolla in the summer of 1963. We bought an unfinished new house in a subdivision and proceeded to finish it the way we wanted it by changing the planned garage to a family room and adding a carport on the back. Mel Carnahan was the lawyer who helped us with the title search and with all the details of the purchase of the lot and house. The house was purchased through the real estate company that was, at that time, owned by Bob Carnahan, Mel's brother. Shortly after we were settled in our house Mel and Jean bought the house right across the street from ours. The Carnahan's house faced the street that ran next to our house so our picture window faced their garage. I remember Ray telling everyone he knew Mel would be a good State Treasurer, during his campaign for that office, because he would get out every Tuesday morning before the trash was picked up and jump up and down in his trash can to compact the trash so he would not have to buy a sticker for another trash container. Ray would say if he is that careful with his own money he will be careful with the state's money as well.

Mel and Jean had three boys and one girl. Ray and I had three boys and one girl. Each of Jean and Mel's kids were a couple of years older than ours so that our daughter had a few dates with Tom, their youngest, and even when they weren't dating Clara considered Tom to be a friend. As Mel moved up the political ladder his oldest son Randy came into the law practice and began to help his dad with the work there. I believe that each of his children, Roger (Randy), Rusty, Robin and Tom are all lawyers and Rusty has from time to time run for political office. As the years have gone by Randy has taken care of more and more of our personal and business affairs. Just a few weeks ago we consulted him on a matter concerning an issue with the University. Following Randy's suggestions took care of what could have been a very sticky situation.

When Karen and I decided to form an organization called the Missouri Federation of Animal Owners (MFAO) we wanted to secure the assistance of a good lawyer to help with the incorporation, and writing the constitution and by laws. Needless to say, we turned to the Carnahan law firm. Randy, in his relaxed and thoughtful way, assured us that the ideas that we had could, in deed, be incorporated into this unusual organization. He has been there for us any time we have called upon him ever since.

Both personally and professionally, Mel and Randy Carnahan will be missed by this family and by the MFAO more than words can ever tell. Our deepest sympathy goes out to Jean, Russ, Robin, and Tom and Mel's brother, Bob, and their families from Karen and Lewis Strange, our children, Doyle, Kevin, Clara, Shawn and Ray and I.

Anne Edwards

I sure will keep them in my thoughts and my prayers as I know the family must be really hurting now. What a loss that this community has had with Mel and Randy. I agree Randy sure was a great guy to know. He will be deeply missed as well as the Governor.

Deborah Bridges
Rolla Resident and member

RollaNet, The Hanson family extends our deepest sympathy to Mrs. Carnahan and the rest of their family.

George & Pat Hanson

Condolences: Having pastored the Rolla Church of the Nazarene from 1995-1999, I had the privilege of meeting Governor Carnahan numerous times. On at least two occasions, I was among the delegation who prayed with Gov. Carnahan at the Capital as he validated the National Day of Prayer for the state of Missouri. My deepest sympathies go out to the Carnahan families and to all those so drastically affected by this loss.

Rev. Steve Cecil

God bless the Carnahan families.

John & Vicki Black