Arlene Pagano Award Speech

RollaNet Annual Meeting 10/4/98

We were the first to provide internet access to the public in our community.

Our group, who became the RollaNet Volunteers, had a finger on the pulse of the nationwide development of the internet.

We could either sit back and let someone else take Rolla into the new world of the internet.

Or, we could show the world an example of how we would do it.

Our group of volunteers had the technical expertise --

Arlene had the vision.

She saw the talents in our group and she visualized the RollaNet we have today.

She was our inspiration, our spark. Our catalyst.



We can be proud of the 2600 RollaNet households in our community.

We can enjoy the good life in Rolla while we telecommute thousands of miles away.

We can get our news faster. We can see our weather coming on Doppler radar.

We can chat with people on the other side of the world.

We can watch our children develop the internet skills they will use in their lives in the twenty first century.



While our group of volunteers can no longer do business over one of Arlene's famous Italian dinners, ... she is still with us in spirit.


The Arlene Pagano Award will inspire and acknowlege those who have been touched by Arlene’s spirit--Those who rise above the rest of us, achieving great things for our community through RollaNet.

The Honorable Joe Morgan, Mayor of Rolla, will make the presentation of the first Arlene Pagano Award.