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Central Missouri Area Agency on Aging

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This senior center is made possible through the financial support of local citizens, community groups, and the Central Missouri Area Agency on Aging.

What services do we offer?
This center provides a variety of services to persons 60 years of age and older and their spouses regardless of age. Health education and screening program, information and referral services, exercise programs, and volunteer opportunities are just a few of the activities offered here. We also have many different types of recreation and social activities. We are very interested in hearing about new programs which you may like us to offer. In this way, we can respond to the everchanging needs and interests of our participants.

What types of meals are served?
One of our most popular services is the noon meal. Our meal meets 1/3 of the daily nutrition requirements. We cook with no added salt. Low-calorie, low cholestorol, and not sugar alternative foods are also available.

What about the homebound elderly?
We have many services available for those older persons who are no longer able to come to our center but who may need some services to continue living in their home or apartment. Daily meals can be delivered to the home. Telephone reassurance and friendly visits can also be arranged. In addition, Care Coordination services are available for those with more intensive needs.

What is Care Coordination?
Many older persons do not know about the services which may be available to them. The purpose of the Care Coordination Project is to help older persons identify, locate, obtain, and coordinate the services they may need to live with safety and maximum independence. The specially trained Care Coordinator visits with the older adult in the home to discuss needs. The Care Coordinator will then try to locate individuals or agencies who might be of help.

How are the servies and program at the Senior Center funded?
Your senior center is paid for through the combined efforts of you, your community, and the goverment. Most of the money comes from the state and federal goverment through the Central Missouri Area Agency on Aging. However, the center depends upon financial support from the community to supplement the center's budget and to expand its services. This is accomplished through local fundraising efforts.

Why is your financial contribution important to the Senior Center?
You will be asked to voluntarily contribute what you believe you can afford toward the cost of the services you receive. This is a decision that you can make privately. For example, it costs the center approximately $3.00 to prepare and deliver each meal. You and all other participants will be given an opportunity to confidentially contribute toward the cost of that meal. We ask each to contribute according to their means, however, you will not be denied service because you are unable to contribute. Labor costs, rent, utilities, food costs, etc., have all risen in the past years. Yet we have not seen a significant increase in federal funding. This is why your increased contribution keeps us growing -- allowing us to expand our service to reach more older people in the county.

Are there other ways you can help?
Besides your financial support, we can use your time and talent. There are many volunteer opportunities which can help us serve the older people of our community. Greeting visitors, delivering meals, teaching classes, visiting or telephoning the homebound, are just a few examples of how you can help.

What is the Central Missouri Area Agency on Aging?
The Central Missouri Area Agency on Aging (CMAAA) is a private, non-profit corporation serving the elderly in a 19-county area. Our mission is to help older persons live as independently as possible through the sponsorship and funding of community programs and services. CMAAA currently sponsors more than 35 senior centers with at least one in each of our 19 counties. Through those centers, we are able to provide home-delivered meals in over 105 different communities. Through contracts with other agencies, CMAAA is able to provide homemaker and personal care services, respite care, transportation, and legal services. CMAAA also sponsors the Nursing Home Ombudsman and Care Coordination programs.

If you should have any questions...
Please contact the Senior Center Administrator at the address and phone number at the top of this page, or call CMAAA at 573-443-5823.

If you would like to help or just want more information, please e-mail us at

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